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At Rob's Guns LLC, we strive to offer the highest level of customer service possible. Check out out warranty and return policy below. We know our customer are busy so we strive to achieve the best experience possible. We also understand that when you buy something you may not always be able to get it taken care of. That's why we offer to assist our customers with any issues for products they purchase from us. 


At Rob's Guns LLC, we strive to offer the highest level of customer service possible. We back all our new firearms sales with a life time warranty and all used firearms with a 90 day warranty. We want our customer to have the best experience when purchases their firearms or other products in our store. We always try to make our customer happy if you have an issue let us know so we are able to fix it.

We do not offer returns on electronics, IWB holster, clothing, or purses. 


We know that your privacy of what you purchase is important. We protect all you information with the highest level of sensitivity possible. Any document not required by state or federal law to be held are destroyed. We make sure that all documents with your name, phone number, or other information is destroyed. As fellow firearms owners we understand how you want to be protected. 


We make sure that all documents layaway, banking, or personal information is protect. We guarantee your information is safe. We do not show your information to anyone that it is not required by law. 


If you are looking to see if we would carry your products in our store please contact the store and speak with a manager. We have a reputation for carrying the best quality products. At Rob's we don't just stop there because we know things happen. So we not only look for you to offer an amazing product to our customers but also offer an amazing customer service experience. We Carry products that we know are high quality and back by a warranty from the manufacture. If you meet our high standards then give us a call. We would love to see what you have to offer our customers. 

Payment Methods
  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Cash

  • Phone Payments

  • Online payment (layaway)

  • Gift cards (purchased in store)

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