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Can't find where the rounds hitting? Can't get on paper?


Don't stress. We have can help. Bring in your firearm and we can get you lined out. We only charge $6.00 to boresight. In just a few minutes we will have you hitting the mark.

Part Swapping

Wanting to add a personal touch to a new or old firearm? Don't worry about trying to figure it out with our knowledgeable staff we have you covered. Come on in and let us make that old firearm have a brand new look. 

Scope Mounting

Need help getting that new scope on that amazing new firearm? Bring in your firearm and leave the worrying to us. We have you covered and can mount it for you.


We offer a lifetime warranty on all new firearms and 90 days on used. So if you're having an issue bring it in we have you covered. No hassles, just let us know what's wrong and we will get it resolved

Installing Sights

Changing out sights? We have you covered. Don't try this if you don't have the proper tools as it could damage your firearm. Just swing by the shop and let us take care of it for you. In just a few minutes we will have you set up. 

Not sure if we offer it

We offer a wide variety of services. If you need it taken care of give us a call and we will let you know. If we aren't able to resolve your issue we will try to refer you to a locally trusted business we know will treat you right. 


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