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  • Do you buy or trade firearms?
    Yes, we buy, sell, and trade firearms. You can call us to see if we are interested in the type of firearm you are wanting to sell. We will not give any prices or quotes over the phone. We have to see the firearm in person in store. We buy and trade firearms that we know are good quality, reliable, and have no functional issues. We also take into consideration the manufacturer's customer service and their helpfulness. There are certain makes and models we do not buy due to some of the reasons above.
  • Do you offer layaway?
    Yes we offer layaway and charge no extra fees for the layaway. We understand that now everyone can just come in buy a new firearm. This is why we offer a plan to make it affordable for you customers. Layaway plans range from a 3 or 6 month option determined by the total of the items being placed in layaway. We offer the option to layaway more than just firearms. For any layaway under $500 is a 3 month. For any layaway over $500 is a 6 month. 20% Down of the total cost plus taxes is required. How the layaway works. Pick out what you are wanting. Let our staff know you are wanting to put the item or items in layaway. We will fill our the paperwork have you read and sign the agreement. Put 20% down of the total cost plus taxes. Make a monthly payment once the balance is zero take it home.
  • Do you charge a fee if I pay with a card?
    No, we do not charge additional fees for using a debit or credit card.
  • I want to get a firearm for my husband/wife. What do you recommend?
    We always recommend bring them into the store to pick out a firearm. Everyone is different and there are so many different grips and textures. What feels good to one of us doesn't to someone else due to this we always recommend letting them check out what feels best in their hands. We want to make sure the gift you are giving is going to be perfect.
  • Will you help me pick out a firearm?
    Yes, we will always help you find what is right for you. We will show you different styles that are fitting your needs. We always try to keep you within your budget. We may show you firearms outside your budget that is to make sure you know all your options. We work to find out your knowledge level and to make sure you are going to get something you feel comfortable using. We believe if you aren't comfortable with your purchase you won't feel comfortable using it when needed. So we always try to help you find what you works for you.
  • Why is Robs so much cheaper than other gun store?
    We want to assure you that our prices are not low due to low quality products. We started off to change the game in firearms sales and one of those goals was to keep prices affordable for the customers. We almost never mark our products at the full MSRP allowed. We keep our prices as low as we are able to. We believe in your 2nd Amendment rights and we believe you should have affordable options to defend that right. We truly believe that you have a right to defend yourself so we offer several options to make sure you are able to achieve that. We keep our prices as LOW as possible so you the customer are able to get what you need. If you ever have questions please feel free to ask our staff they will be more than happy to assist you in journey of needs.
  • Does Rob's do specials orders?
    Yes, we offer special orders. As long as the item is available through one of our distributors we will special order items for you. We do require that you put at least 20% of the total cost of the item plus tax down to complete a special order. This is to guarantee that the item goes to you once the item arrives we will give you a call. The average wait time is 7 to 14 days depending on the item. WE DO NOT CHARGE ADDITIONAL FEES FOR SPECIAL ORDERS.
  • Do you boresight scopes?
    Yes we do boresight scopes. We will boresight all scopes when we mount them for free at the time of service. if you purchase anything for mounting a scope from us we will also boresight it the first time for free. Didn't buy anything from us? We will still boresight them and only charge you $6 per boresight.
  • Do you mount scopes?
    Yes, we mount scopes. If you purchase your scope, rings, or firearm from Rob's we will not charge you any additional fees for mounting a scope. We will even boresight the scope for you. If you did not purchase any of the items from us we will still mount it for you. Please contact the store for current prices on scope mounting.
  • Do you charge a transfer fee?
    Yes, we charge a $50 per firearm transfer fee. Please contact the store prior to having any firearm sent to us. Also see our transfer policy in the FAQ section.
  • If I buy a firearm can I transfer it to your store?
    Yes, we do have restrictions of firearms transfers so please contact the store prior to having it sent to us. Rob's Guns, LLC reserves the right to return all unapproved transfers. Due to strict regulations, it is necessary for us to know when to expect firearms. ​ Call us to see if we can get that specific firearm for you. 99.9% of the time we can get it for you at a better deal, saving you money and eliminating the extra cost of the $50 transfer fee per firearm. Along with saving you money, you will also receive ROB'S GUNS LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all New Firearms. ALL transfers will incur a $50 transfer fee per firearm. The transfer fee must be paid in full before filling out the background check. The transfer fee is nonrefundable, regardless of the NICS background check results or if you change your mind and no longer want that transfer firearm. ​ Transfers that did not receive prior approval from Rob's Guns will incur an extra $50 fee along with the usual transfer fee. BE SURE TO CALL FOR APPROVAL! ​ We cannot offer our Lifetime Guarantee on firearms not purchased from Rob's Guns--including transfers from another dealer. ​ ALL issues with your transfer firearm should be between you and the business you bought it from. Rob's Guns, LLC can not act on your behalf. ​ We will approve your Transfer if we cannot get that firearm for you.* ​ *Please note that there are specific dealers and certain brands of firearms that we will not accept. This is due to their poor or lack of customer service and support or known and predictable unreliability of that specific firearm. ​ ***ALWAYS call us first for approval before commiting to a transfer to Rob's Guns.*** ***ALL Transfers without prior approval from Rob's Guns will be returned to sender***
  • What is the process for buying a firearm?
    1:You come in and pick out what you are looking for and find what best fits your needs. 2:We will grab the box for it and get your state or government issued ID. 3:We will have you fill out the Federal 4473 for your background check. 4: We submit the paper work though the NICS background system, once approved you are able to purchase the firearm that day.
  • What causes a delay?
    Many things can cause a delay we are not able to see what the cause of your delay is. Commonly known reasons for delays are you have the same name as someone else who may have committed a crime and the ATF has to verify that person is not you. If you have had a security clearance for the government or military. This is due to when the FBI checks your record it shows and they investigate to make sure it wasn't for primal reasons. Most of the time we will have your response within 3 business days and are able to release your firearm to you.
  • What happens if I'm delayed?
    If you are delayed we are not able to release the firearm until the Brady transfer date or a proceed has been issued. This is regulated by state and federal laws. We require at least 20% down to hold all delays. This is to ensure the firearm is yours and you intend to return for it once we are able to release it to you.
  • Do you offer Military or LEO discount?
    Yes, we Back the Blue, have respect for our Military/Veterans and First Responders. We appreciate your hard work and sacrifice in keeping us safe. We offer 10% discount every day. Proof is required and please let us know at checkout.
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